Dermato is a portable mobile clip-on that can be used by dermatologists in visual examination of the skin. This affordable device provides magnified, high quality and polarized images of the affected region of the skin. It is supported by a companion app that allows to capture high quality images of skin lesions, annotate, store and access them along with patient data whenever needed.

Dermoscopy helps physicians in improving their diagnostic accuracy by 10-27% compared to diagnosis by the naked eye. In many cases it reduces the need for doing an invasive procedure like biopsy.This process engenders more confidence in diagnosis for doctors and also leads to overall reduced health care costs for the patient. An affordable clip-on like Dermato along with its mobile application makes it a powerful tool for skin imaging on a regular basis.


Design | Clip

Unique design that fits most Android phones in the market.

Design | Grip

Rubber grip for better hold on the phone and prevent scratches on screen.


Built in magnifying lens (10X) with cross polarizers provides high quality magnified images of skin.

Android Application

Feature rich android application that supports

  • Continuous Flash
  • Image Tagging
  • Data Encryption


Anshuman Das | Mentor + Optics Lead

Postdoctoral Associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Akshat Wahi | Hardware Lead

Innovation Engineer, REDX Innovation Lab, Mumbai

Aparajita Sahoo | Data Analyst

Innovation Engineer, REDX Innovation Lab, Mumbai

Sai Sri Sathya | App Developer Lead

Software Engineer, Emerging Worlds – Facebook, Mumbai

Sonali Patel | Design Lead

Product Designer, REDX Innovation Lab, Mumbai

Ramesh Raskar | Advisor

Associate Professor and head of the MIT Media Lab’s Camera Culture research group

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